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Hey, my name’s Denver! (I’ve taken down my Monk-focused blog so you’ll probably want to delete this from your subscription!)

This blog is here to document my journey through food.

I am not a talented cook by any means. I make a lot of mistakes. In fact, I probably make more than a reasonable amount of mistakes. I always try to learn from them and I’m always looking to better myself. I do have an instinct for flavors, though!

I’m working on a Culinary Management degree at Valencia College. I’m still learning basic techniques and recipes. I’ve worked in various restaurants over the pas3t few years at the major theme parks in Orlando: Universal Studios, Seaworld and Walt Disney World. I only started working in a restaurant back in December 2011, so I consider my culinary experience to be quite limited. I didn’t have any kind of real history with cooking when growing up. My mom was pretty terrible at cooking, but my dad loved grilling. I used to make spaghetti with a lot of zeal when I was little, but I never really experimented with food until I was much older.

So here’s my adventure! Expect a lot of burnt chicken and soggy vegetables.

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